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What is KLIPS?

KLIPS is the Kölner Lehr-, Informations- und Prüfungs-Service, i.e. the Cologne Teaching, Information and Exam Service.

KLIPS is an online portal which enables you to

  • see the course calendar of the University of Cologne
  • register online for courses and compile your timetable
  • register for exams
  • register academic performances

Access to KLIPS

Activating the student email account (Smail-account)

  • The Smail-Account is managed by the Regional Computing Centre (RRZK).
  • Please extract all obligatory data for activating the account (matriculation number and pin code) from the university’s welcome letter. You may activate your account online or in person at the Smail counter in the main building resp. at the Computing Centre itself: Contact points of the Regional Computing Centre (RRZK). For activating your account in person, please bring your pin code plus your student ID and your ID card.
  • Please do not choose a password with special characters or umlauts; this might lead to problems.
  • After activating your Smail-address you may use the online services of the University of Cologne (ILIAS, KLIPS, web mail, computer pools, WLAN) with the same login data.
  • Please note: Official notifications from the University of Cologne will exclusively be sent to your Smail-address.
  • Student-Account User's Guide (english, PDF)

KLIPS – Login

  • You may access both the login site as well as the KLIPS-support site and the course calendar through the KLIPS homepage.
  • Clicking on "KLIPS Login" will directly lead you to the site where you can log in to KLIPS with your user name (that part of your Smail-address in front of the @), the password you chose and clicking “Login”.

2013-03-15 12h57 19.png

Course registration

The following faculties use KLIPS for course registrations

  • Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Art and Humanities
  • Faculty of Economics (exclusively for the 2nd registration phase)
  • Faculty of Law: for lectures on a voluntary base, for working groups obligatory
  • All students may register for courses for „Students of all Faculties“
  • Please note: The Faculty of Medicine as well as the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences do not participate in course registrations via KLIPS. Information on courses without registration

Registration phases

Course registration at the University of Cologne occurs through so-called registration phases.

  • Currently, there are two normal registration phases plus a third registration phase and the so-called “allocation of free course spaces”.
  • The normal registration phases are each followed by a technical allocation phase; the allocation of course spaces occurs automatically based on requirements of the departments.
  • Current and ongoing deadlines for registration phases may be found here

Course registration (in screenshots)

  • Step 1: Log in with user name and password of your Smail-account

2013-03-15 12h57 19.png

  • Step 2: Choose “Exam and Course organisation“:
  • Step 3: Now click on “Courses: register and deregister”. Now those subjects will open up for which you are enrolled. Check exactly whether all degree programmes you study are listed here and whether they all open up

2013-03-15 13h00 10.png

  • Step 4: By clicking on the headline, a tree structure tailored for your degree programme opens up step by step. In order to get to the courses offered, please click on the ‘Register’ -button

2013-03-15 13h01 23.png 2013-03-15 13h02 13.png

  • Step 5: Register for courses and add priorities where applicable. The green highlighted information “Selection 1 of 5” means:
    • Priority 1 may be assigned once within this field.
    • Priority 2 may be assigned to all other desired courses in this field.
  • Step 6: Click on “Apply” at the end of the page! No sooner have you saved your choice and registered in the system.

2013-03-15 13h04 31.png

  • Step 7 – Check: Select “My courses” on the navigation panel. If your registration worked out, you will find a list of all courses you applied for with an “applied” comment.

2013-03-15 13h07 29.png

My courses

If you click on the menu button “My courses”, you will find a list of all courses for which you applied in the current semester. They will either carry the status “applied”, “admitted” or “denied”:

  • Applied: You do not have a space in the course yet, but you applied for one.
  • Admitted: You have received a space in the course and therefore, you are entitled to participate in it.
  • Denied: You have not received a space in the course. The respective reason is listed in the comments.

Exam registration

Exam registrations through KLIPS currently only apply to the following degree programmes (list is not updated on a daily basis – if applicable, gather information from the department concerned):

  • BA Chemie
  • BA Physik
  • BA Psychologie
  • BA Erziehungswissenschaften
  • BA Geowissenschaften
  • BA Geophysik/Meteorologie
  • BA Mathematik
  • BA Wirtschaftsmathematik
  • BA Rechtswissenschaften deutsch/franz.
  • BA Neurowissenschaften
  • Verbundbachelor mit rechtswiss. Anteil:
    • BA - Medienkulturwissenschaften (Spez. Medienrecht)
    • BA - Medienkulturwissenschaften (Spez. Psychologie)
    • BA - Europ. Rechtslinguistik
    • BA - Regionalstudien Ost- Mitteleuropa (Spez. Rechtswiss.)
    • BA - Regionalstudien China (Spez. Rechtswiss.)
  • Jura Staatsexamen
  • MA Rechtswissenschaften
  • MA Chemie
  • MA Physik
  • MA Geowissenschaften
  • MA Psychologie anwendungsorientiert
  • MA Psychologie forschungsorientiert
  • Verbundmaster mit rechtswiss. Anteil:
    • MA - Medienkulturwissenschaften (Spez. Medienrecht)
    • MA - Medienkulturwissenschaften (Spez. Psychologie)
    • MA - Europ. Rechtslinguistik
    • MA - Regionalstudien Ost- Mitteleuropa (Spez. Rechtswiss.)
    • MA - Regionalstudien China (Spez. Rechtswiss.)
  • LA BA Berufskolleg I - Wirtschaftswissenschaften (bFR)
  • LA BA Berufskolleg I - Politik
  • LA BA Berufskolleg I - Chemie
  • LA BA Berufskolleg I - Mathematik
  • LA BA Berufskolleg I - Physik
  • LA BA Berufskolleg II - Wirtschaftswissenschaften (gbFR)
  • LA BA Berufskolleg II - Wirtschaftswissenschaften (kbFR)
  • LA BA Berufskolleg II - Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • LA BA HRGe - Biologie
  • LA BA HRGe - Chemie
  • LA BA HRGe - Geographie
  • LA BA HRGe - Mathematik
  • LA BA HRGe - Physik
  • LA BA Gym./Gesamt. - Chemie
  • LA BA Gym./Gesamt. - Mathematik
  • LA BA Gym./Gesamt. - Physik
  • LA BA Gym./Gesamt. - Sozialwissenschaften
  • LA BA Sopäd - Biologie
  • LA BA Sopäd - Chemie
  • LA BA Sopäd - Mathematik
  • LA BA Sopäd - Physik


  • TAN or transaction numbers are necessary for online exam registrations or for completing modules online.
  • A TAN is invalid after singular use; it is advisable to cross it out after use and write down date and transaction.
  • All new enrolees at the University of Cologne are provided with a TAN list by regular mail at the beginning of their studies. In case you have not received a TAN list, please contact KLIPS-Support. Upon showing your student ID and ID card we are glad to generate a TAN list for you.

Exam registration (in screenshots)

  • Step 1: Log in with user name and password of your Smail-account

2013-03-15 12h57 19.png

  • Step 2: Choose “Exam and Course organisation“:
  • Step 3: Now click on “Exams: register and deregister”

2013-03-15 13h11 04.png

  • Step 4: Now those subjects will open up for which you are enrolled

2013-03-15 13h11 44.png

  • Step 5: Open the module tree far enough to get a display of the course in which you wish to take an exam
  • Step 6: Click on “Exam registration”

2013-03-15 13h12 36.png

  • Step 7: Confirm the exam date with a TAN and click on the “Yes”-button

2013-03-15 13h14 06.png

  • Step 8 - Check: Pay attention to the status notification – the status must be “OK” for confirmation of your registration. Select “Exam and course organisation” in your navigation panel and click on “Information on registered exams”. If your exam registration worked out, you will find all respective exam dates with the comment “registered”.

2013-03-15 13h16 08.png

View and register academic performances

Choose semester

You may view courses you participated in/applied for of previous semesters if you change the semester accordingly in the blue task bar on the homepage and then choose “My courses”. 2013-03-15 13h28 10.png

2013-03-15 13h28 56.png

My courses

In the section “My courses” you will find all courses you registered for in one semester. If a semester has ended and the academic performance in a course, as well as a grade where applicable, has been entered into the system by the lecturer, you will find the results in this overview with the status “participated”:

  • Participated: You participated in the course and completed an academic performance.

2013-03-15 13h34 14.png

What does “Registration of academic performances” mean?

  • The KLIPS function “Registration of academic performances” is introduced gradually, it is not usable for all students yet. View the following list. (Note: The list is not updated on a daily basis, if applicable please gather information from the department concerned).
  • Courses are always shown for certain degree programmes and here for certain sections (e.g. 2-subject Bachelor History core module 1). To some extent, students have alternatives as to where they can register the academic performance.
  • This is the intended purpose of the function “Registration of academic performances”: The completed performance entered into the system by the lecturer is displayed on the registration of academic performances template exclusively where performances are eligible for registration. It is possible that in some sections a written exam counts whereas in other sections only the participation or the like may be registered.
  • By registering a performance, you assign it to a certain module. This assignment is reversible, i.e. you can take back the performance and register it in a different section.

Registration of academic performances (in screenshots)

  • Step 1: Log in with user name and password of your Smail-account

2013-03-15 12h57 19.png

  • Step 2: Choose “Exam and Course organisation“
  • Step 3: Now click on “Registration of academic performances“

2013-03-15 13h35 56.png

  • Step 4: A degree programme-specific module tree opens. Behind all sections where the registration of academic performances is possible, green highlighted links appear (“register participation”, “register active participation”, “register grade” or “register academic performance”).
  • Step 5: Performances which were recorded for you appear in all context in which a registration is possible. In case a course was activated for different modules, you choose for which module you wish to register the academic performance completed in this course. For this, only click on the respective link.

2013-03-15 13h41 24.png

  • Step 6: Confirm with ‘YES’ whether you with to register the academic performance.

2013-03-15 13h42 23.png

  • Step 7 - Check: Please pay attention to the status notification – the status must be ‘OK’ for confirmation.

2013-03-15 13h42 59.png